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MoreNFT is an Italian software house that provides white-label solutions to brands, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for the creation and utilization of NFTs as exclusive experiences accessible only to owners


Establishing a connection between Brands, artists, and Icons to develop NFT projects and create a bridge between Web2 and Web3, granting new opportunities and services to communities.


Building a future where Web3 facilitates a direct, engaging, and enduring connection between creators and communities through the ownership of digital assets.

White Label

Our exclusive product

MoreNFT's White Label represents the perfect solution for brands looking to innovate their marketing through Web3 and digital assets. By creating personalized marketing campaigns using NFTs and token gating, brands can offer a unique and exclusive experience to users, allowing them to enjoy transparent and autonomous benefits.

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Innovate your marketing with Web3.



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  • Exclusive access to events: The company offers
    NFT holders the opportunity to participate in exclusive events such as concerts or conferences.
  • NFT redemption for QR code: Users can use the
    NFT to redeem the event’s QR code.
  • Automatic event registration: Once the QR code is redeemed, users will have automatic access to the event without any further registration.


  • Accesso esclusivo ad eventi: L’azienda offre ai possessori dell’NFT l’opportunità di partecipare ad eventi esclusivi, come concerti o conferenze;
  • Riscatto dell’NFT per il QR-code: L’utente può utilizzare l’NFT per scaricare il QR-code dell’evento;
  • Registrazione automatica all’evento: Una volta riscattato il QR-code, l’utente avrà l’accesso automatico all’evento senza ulteriori registrazioni.