2gether 2 Web 3.

The White Label adds a new channel to your existing marketing efforts. It enables enhanced engagement and in-depth data analytics.



Design and sell unique and customized NFTs
through a simple and intuitive platform built
specifically for your brand’s needs. Easily create
one or more collections of NFTs in just a few
minutes. Configure the details of your collection
as desired, with no technical skills
(coding/blockchain) required.


Enhance the value of your NFTs with exclusive experiences reserved for owners, creating a unique value proposition. By leveraging use cases, we bridge the gap between the Web 2.0 and the transformative potential of Web 3





exlusive content




Cross-channel digital strategy coordinated with MoreNFT’s channels:


  • Exclusive access to events: The company offers
    NFT holders the opportunity to participate in exclusive events such as concerts or conferences.
  • NFT redemption for QR code: Users can use the
    NFT to redeem the event’s QR code.
  • Automatic event registration: Once the QR code is redeemed, users will have automatic access to the event without any further registration.


The company can incentivize NFT holders to participate in surveys by offering them exclusive rewards, thus increasing engagement and the quality of responses.

Users can access the survey only after redeeming the utility associated with their NFT, ensuring an exclusive
and high-quality experience.


Raffle – Giveaway

The company offers NFT holders the opportunity to participate in exclusive giveaways to reward their loyalty.

Automated management of raffles and giveaways ensures a seamless experience for participants.



The brand is capable of creating a phygital product, which is a hybrid (digital and physical) object used to create a more engaging and memorable purchasing or collecting experience.

Users who purchase the NFT are entitled to the associated physical product and can redeem it by providing shipping details.

The company can create a unique fashion collection associated with their NFTs. This way, NFT holders will have the opportunity to collect unique and valuable clothing items.


exclusive content

By associating exclusive content with the NFT, the company can provide a personalized and unique experience to its buyers.

The exclusive content associated with the NFT can include various types of media, such as images, videos, music, or documents, thus offering the company many creative possibilities to meet the needs of its customers.



Associating a promotional code with the NFT can incentivize buyers to make future purchases on the company’s products, as they know they can benefit from exclusive discounts.

By being able to associate a promotional code with the NFT, the company can measure and monitor the return on investment of its marketing strategy accurately and automatically.



Users can directly book events and vacations by connecting to the Brand/Creator’s calendar.

This process simplifies the organization and management of reservations, eliminating the need for intermediaries or traditional booking platforms.



  • Accesso esclusivo ad eventi: L’azienda offre ai possessori dell’NFT l’opportunità di partecipare ad eventi esclusivi, come concerti o conferenze;
  • Riscatto dell’NFT per il QR-code: L’utente può utilizzare l’NFT per scaricare il QR-code dell’evento;
  • Registrazione automatica all’evento: Una volta riscattato il QR-code, l’utente avrà l’accesso automatico all’evento senza ulteriori registrazioni.


L’azienda può incentivare i possessori dell’NFT a partecipare ai sondaggi offrendo loro ricompense esclusive, aumentando l’engagement e la qualità delle risposte.

L’utente può accedere al sondaggio solo dopo aver riscattato l’utilità connessa al suo NFT, garantendo un’esperienza esclusiva e di alta qualità.